Charles Lee

Summer Violante'

 A career driven Police Detective, who often finds   herself conflicted with balancing career and   family obligations. The Character of Summer   Violante' is played by LaTrice Amanda. 

A Police Detective who is estranged from his wife and daughter finds solace burying himself into his work. The Character of Sky Lockert is played by Christopher Boyd Motley.

Sky Lockert

Sky Lockert

One who is unapologetic about living in her truth. The Character of Jax Wright is played by

Jonae Helem. 

Jax Wright

   Jax Wright 

Jonae Helem

An Iraq war veteran who is a husband and father that struggles with reconnecting with civilian life and finding his place in society. The character of Mason Jefferson is played by

Kemo Coleman.

Mason Jefferson 

Amber Clark

Compassionate yet ego driven who has the tendency to lead with her emotions.The character of Amber Clark is played by Velta Moore. 

An Ego driven man who blindly puts his needs ahead of those who matter to him the most. The Character of Kendall Cook is played by Jay Viera.

Kendall Clark

A woman who constantly lives in the Shadow of herself. The character of Samantha Myers is played by Zaneta Johnson.

Samantha Myers 

Deeply betrayed by the one she loved the most. The path to happiness is typically the road less traveled. The character of Karen Cook is played Lauren Cash.   

Karen Cook 

It is said that a man who is willing to sale his soul for world possessions is and danger to himself and others. The character of Emanuel is played by Emanuel Gallmon.